Thursday, November 17, 2011

Farmers and Faith

I tell people that I come from a long line of farmers and people with faith. My heartbeat quickened when I saw my Great, Great Grandfather John Dollen’s Bible! His Bible was not used to record family history. I sense that in the Dollen home his Bible was a book to be respected.

Elaine holding the John Dollen Bible.

The John Dollen Bible is large. The pages are of a heavy linen type of paper.  The cover has come loose from its binding.  The words “J. Dollen 1814” are stamped on the inside of the cover. “John Dollen his book” is handwritten at the beginning of the New Testament. These words provide evidence that this Bible is indeed John Dollen’s Bible.

This is where genealogical research gets interesting! I do believe that this Bible belonged to my Great, Great Grandfather. An unknown family member recorded my Great, Great Grandfather’s birth date as 3 July 1830. Census records report his birth date within the range of 1827 and 1831.  However, this Bible gives evidence that J. Dollen owned this book in 1814!

The Bible, the name and the date suggest that it also belonged to my Great, Great, Great Grandfather whose name was also John Dollen. John Dollen of Curry Mallett, England was a wheelwright. He married Ann House and together they had four children: John, Silas, Emma and Adolphus. Census records report that the elder John Dollen was born between 1789 and 1791 which suggests that this Bible could be his. Of those four children, my Great, Great Grandfather John was the only child to leave England and immigrate to the United States.

I hope you enjoy the photographs of The Bible that I believe belonged to a father and son who shared the same name of John Dollen!

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  1. Now this post has some meat! Love the photos and the history. Can't wait to learn all your insights and tips on how to dig into one's past. Keep up the good work.