Monday, November 28, 2011

Home Is Where Your Story Begins

Everything begins at home. While 1625 Lincoln Avenue was neither my first home nor my last, it was my childhood home. It is here that I lived during my formative years and where my childhood memories reside. 1625 Lincoln Avenue gives me warm, fuzzy feelings. If stories begin at home, I can think of no better title for this blog of mine for this is where my story began.

My family home was built in 1953. My parents purchased it on 20 November 1957 from A. Edward and Alice Leclair. Mom and Dad lived at 1625 Lincoln Avenue for fifty two years! Failing health necessitated the move to a condominium on St. Patrick’s Day, 2005. 

Our last family photograph at 1625 Lincoln Avenue!
We grew up happily in our three bedroom, one bath home! Creative problem solving skills were perfected with four children (two of them teenagers) and one bathroom. My father got first “dibs” on the bathroom every morning, which meant he needed to rise early for his chance at the bathroom! Sorry Dad!

My Dad was a pretty smart man. I think he might have been an engineer had he had the opportunity to attend college. Necessity was the object of my father’s inventions. Tired of living without air conditioning, Dad decided to air condition our home. He designed and built the ductwork from scratch and installed the compressors by himself! He also designed, built and installed our garage door opener. He would get a little frustrated when asked, “Are you sure this is going to work?”

Genealogists search court records for deeds and property transfers. Acquiring deeds from Cook County is on my “2012 To Do List.” Lucky me, I have my parent's original Warranty Deed from the purchase of their home at 1625 Lincoln Avenue. That warranty deed informs me that in 1957 my parents made a down payment of $10.00 to Mr. and Mrs. Leclair! Times have changed!


On the fun side . . . Please check out the website,  Dear Photograph offers the opportunity to travel in time in a most fun and modern way! Here is the photograph I am going to submit. I wonder if they will publish it?

Dear Photograph, My childhood home revisited Thanksgiving 2011.


  1. Love this blog! Great idea of photographing the photo in front of where the photo was taken. Genius! I may not have grown up in the home, but I, too have fond memories as I met my husband and spent many an hour in the kitchen getting free meals. Thanks to your parents for putting up with me.

  2. I have lots of memories in that house, too, Aunt Carol! The basement even pops up in my dreams from time to time!

  3. I dreamt about the house last night too. That's because I talked to your Mom right before I went to sleep last night!

  4. Enjoyed your photos and hope posted them. I most certainly would. is a new photo sharing website that focuses on the bond we have to the places we've called home. I invite you to visit the site and consider sharing a few photos from your childhood home. I will gladly provide a link back to your webpage.