Monday, December 5, 2011

The Fifth Day of Advent = Outdoor Lights

Chevy Chase’s antics in the movie Christmas Vacation makes me chuckle every Christmas season! My Dad was our family’s “exterior illumination specialist.” He always did a great job lighting the outside of our home minus Chevy’s antics.

Dad decorated our home with strings of beautiful red, green, yellow and blue colored bulbs. They were the big, old fashioned bulbs not the tiny ones of today. Dad pulled out his trusty ladder and decorated our home in all kinds of weather transforming our little home into something magical. Oh, how we waited in anticipation as he worked away.

As we grew older, kids in the neighborhood changed. They started spoiling Dad’s fun by cutting the strings of lights. Out he marched wondering what on earth happened only to learn the truth. Never fear, out came another string of lights to replace the damaged ones. No one would stop our lamplighter from brightening the Christmas sky!

What better day to pay tribute to my lamplighter, Father! On December 5, 2005, Dad passed quietly away. The Apostle Paul tells us that what we see is temporary and what we don’t see is eternal. God Bless my Father, Marvin Otto Meyer. While I no longer see him in person, his light shines in all whose lives he touched.

With Loving Gratitude,



  1. Sweet Memories! Nice photo of you to, Linda! :)

  2. As Bob Hope would say, "Thanks for the memories". You couldn't have picked a better way to pay tribute to Dad.