Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Fruitcake: Friend or Foe

I say Foe!

Fruitcake touched my lips once as a child.  Visions of those sticky fruit chunks give me nightmares! Oh how I remember how I had to force myself to finish that one bite. Forty plus years have passed and fruitcake has yet to touch my lips again.

My grandmother was a friend of fruitcake. She would bring the blue tin over each Christmas and relish every bite! I cannot understand why.

I just spent a moment reviewing my fellow bloggers’ opinions of fruitcake and discovered several people who enjoy fruitcake. There appears to be a strong preference for homemade fruitcake and I believe this is where the difference lies.  Prince William and Kate Middleton chose fruitcake for their wedding cake! I am sure their pastry chef created a fruitcake far superior to our blue tin of fruitcake.

Today’s posts have opened my eyes to the possibility of someday giving fruitcake a second chance.


  1. Love it! "Lips that touch fruitcake shall never touch mine . . ."