Thursday, December 15, 2011

Holiday Happenings

Christmas 1985 is my most memorable Christmas. My Christmas gift weighed in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces. He was due on December 26th but my gift arrived nine days early on December 16th! We were home from the hospital in plenty of time to celebrate his first Christmas.

His sister took this Polaroid photograph to nursery school and introduced her class to her newest brother. She called him our brown baby.

Jimmy has never felt neglected or short changed with his birthday being so close to Christmas. In fact, he loves it even today! As a child, Jimmy’s excitement level rose dramatically each December. The anticipation of his birthday and Christmas coming within nine days of each other caused our already busy boy to go into hyper speed. Each year I would warn his teachers that educating him might prove challenging during his favorite month of the year.

Christmas would not be present in our home until after his birthday was celebrated. Eventually his disappointment grew and Christmas appeared earlier but always focusing on his special day.

Tomorrow we are celebrating his birthday! We will gather around the dinner table, feast and tell Jimmy stories! I love all my children, but Jimmy will always be my Christmas Gift.


  1. Birthday wishes to Jimmy, have a wonderful day and a great year.

  2. Happy Birthday Jimmy! Linda I had a Christmas Present also back in 1979, my son Brian was born on Decv 19th.

  3. Our son was born December 23. We always tried to keep his birthday special & separate from Christmas. Now he is an adult. This year he will be celebrating his first married birthday.