Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sadness & Loss

The past two months I have attended too many funerals to count. The ages of the deceased spanned from 97 to 57 years of age. Today I attended the funeral of a friend’s husband. It was sad. He lived a beautiful 57 years leaving behind a loving wife, two daughters, a son-in-law and a multitude of adoring friends.

I wander cemeteries looking for ancestors. Their gravestones give me data to begin or confirm my research. What I have not thought about is the sorrow each death brought to their family. Today has been a day to reflect on how loss spans generations.  How did each family handle the loss? What were the customs of the time?

What I do know is that each of us is given life for a defined period of time. We don’t know when our time will end just as our ancestors didn’t know. I am not looking forward to that period of life but hopefully I will handle it with grace. I am thankful for my religious faith for it brings me peace. I trust my ancestors most likely felt the same.

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