Monday, December 12, 2011

The Twelfth Day of Christmas

 Today’s Advent prompt is Charitable and Volunteer Work. This is an appropriate thought for the day as I prepare to volunteer tutor this afternoon.

I volunteer tutor in an after school reading program that provides one-to-one reading instruction targeted to the specific needs of at risk children in third and fourth grade. The lessons are designed for each individual child by reading specialists. The volunteer tutors attend annual workshops to improve tutoring skills with the hope of shrinking the literary gap for forty at risk children. Our program has been in existence for thirty three years!

First and second grade children attend Tuesdays and Thursdays.Third and fourth grade children attend Monday and Wednesdays. We do not help with homework or work on math skills. The program focuses on the specific reading needs of each child.

Last year, my beautiful student began the year reading at a second grade level. Her reading level dramatically improved and she finished the year at a fifth grade level! This year my student comes from Burma! She is a quick learner and I have big hopes for her success!

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