Monday, January 16, 2012


Family research has ebbs and flows. I research a family line “to death” and extract as much information as possible and then my luck runs out. When reaching that point, I find it best to let the tree sit. Sometimes my trees sit for quite awhile. This is what happened with my Cox Family Tree.

Yesterday I received a message on ancestry inquiring about the Cox Family. I have just hit the Cox Family Jackpot!

After a brief telephone conversation, I have learned that I do indeed have a Revolutionary War connection in the Cox Family Tree. My caller is in possession of one the original Daughters of the American Revolution silver spoons. Seven hundred fifty seven spoons were given to the real daughters of the revolution.  She reports that the historic D.A.R. is in possession of only ten original spoons.

Now it is time for me to pick up my Cox Family research and gather evidence to prove the Revolutionary War connections in this family.

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