Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The World Beckons

The Dooley brothers Joseph, William, and David were drafted into military service when the United States entered The World War. A search of the World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918 on produced draft registration cards for Joseph, William and David Dooley. Stephen’s World War I draft registration card was not located though I did see his World War II draft registration.

Whenever this occurs I begin searching records using spelling variations of the first and surname. I searched for Stephen, Steven,  Steve and Ste*n paired with surname variations of Dooley,  Duley, D*ly, and D*ley.  Eventually I resorted to reversing the name order. I searched Dooley as the first name and Stephen the surname. Despite all my strategies, I had no luck in locating Stephen Dooley’s World War I draft registration card.

He may have enlisted! Or maybe his records were simply lost! Whatever the case, I have enough documentation sitting on my desk proving his military service during The World War.

Stephen Clement Dooley served in The Thirty-Third Division also known as the Prairie Division. The Prairie Division was made up of men from the Illinois State National Guard. Hmmm . . . maybe Stephen’s records are located with the Illinois National Guard! I have a new place to search!

I was initially skeptical of his being in this division. The division’s insignia was a circle with a yellow plus sign in the center. Insignias were usually worn on the sleeve. Stephen’s sleeve lacked that insignia. I shared this with my husband and he immediately produced it. It was never sewn onto the sleeve!

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