Friday, February 10, 2012

Joyce Spilled Jelly on the Table Cloth

When a person’s life is long and well lived with many family members and associates, a researcher can gather bits of information here and there to piece together a life story. Those with lengthy lives may marry, raise children, purchase property, create wills, serve in the military, participate in organizations, and create court records. Think of all you do and all the records you create. This will be available to future generations who wish to learn about your life.

Then there are those whose lives are short lived. My Uncle Dick Dollen was one of those people. He was born in 1932 and passed away in 1952. Dick was unable to reach many milestones in his mere twenty years of life. Those who knew and loved him best have passed on as well.  His cousin, Joyce, is the only remaining living link to his life. This story offers up Dick’s one treasured sentence.

Doris and Dick Dollen

Joyce was sitting at the dining table with her cousins Doris and Dick Dollen during a family gathering when young Dick blurted out, “Mom, Joyce spilled jelly on the tablecloth!” This one treasured sentence has been retold over and over warming the hearts of my grandmother, my mother and her cousin, Joyce, giving them the opportunity to enjoy that little tattletale each time it was spoken.

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