Thursday, February 9, 2012

Play Ball

 In 1950 there was a team of talented young baseball players who became the undefeated Champions of the P.S.L. in Chicago, Illinois. I have searched for the meaning of P.S.L. and my best guess would be either Parochial School League or Private School League. Chicago did have a Chicago Public League (C.P.L.); which began in 1920 and continues today in the form of Little League.

This patch belonged to my uncle, Dick Dollen. I never that the good fortune of meeting my uncle, but my mother told me he attended Luther High School in Chicago. As it turns out Dick’s school was Luther Institute. Dick playing ball in a Parochial School League makes complete sense.

Luther Institute was located at the corner of Wood Street and Park Avenue in Chicago. The school opened its doors in 1909 with just two teachers. Luther Institute remained at that location until the early 1950s at which point it split into two separate schools: Luther North and Luther South.

Dick Dollen most likely graduated from Luther Institute in 1950. Dick was born in 1932 making him the perfect age for a 1950 high school graduate. He most likely won the P.S.L Tournament in his senior year.

This championship patch never made it onto his team jacket. It is all that remains of a young man’s undefeated championship baseball season. I wonder what position he played.

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