Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Lessons in Record Keeping

As a new family history researcher, I made one very large error in my early record keeping. When writing about the Cobb Family, I realize that my Cobb research was performed during those early years.  Unfortunately, it fell victim to poor record keeping and inexperience. What I know about this family has been through a hunt and peck type of strategy. I discover little information here and then a little information there.

As I matured in my research skills, I began to develop a habit of asking questions; which led to a specific type of research. I have learned to use my camera to record books, pages and any information I find. I now write my all source information and am beginning to develop a research log by family names with the hope of saving me from retracing my footsteps.

Now to the Cobbs . . .

After reading my previous post about Olive Throop, you might wonder where I gathered my information. My burning desire to travel to Vermont is on the back burner; which means I must find my information through the next best avenues.

I wrote to the Bennington History Museum, 75 Main Street, Bennington, Vermont, inquiring about Silas W. Cobb. Tyler Resch, museum librarian, provided the marriage record for Silas W. Cobb and Olive Throop. The discovery of this marriage led to the question: Who is Olive Throop and what did she bring to this marriage? 


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