Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I Am Published!

Last week my husband and I spent a leisurely week in Captiva Island, Florida. I settled in under a beach umbrella, enjoyed the beautiful ocean and read for six days. As the week went by, my thoughts slowly turned in home and all my responsibilities. I pondered my blog and wondered what to write.

The idea for today’s post miraculously appeared in the form of an email. Internet service on Captiva Island is spotty at best. In fact, the best place for Internet service happened to be on the beach. It was there that I received good news. Yes, I had my cell phone on the beach. I was taking pictures, of course!

I am a member of the North Suburban Genealogy Group. The organization serves the northeast suburbs of Chicago. They are a nice group of people. I was asked to submit my 5 March 2012 post (My Only Early Chicagoan) and my 6 April 2012 post (Indexing of the 1940 Census) for the May/June newsletter. The newsletter came out and I was able to read my very first published article online on Captiva Island’s beautiful beach.


  1. How wonderful Linda, I am so happy for you. Please save me a copy of the Newsletter.
    Hugs cousin :)

  2. Congrats Mom!! I'm proud of you!