Thursday, May 3, 2012

A Diary Written A Hundred Years Ago Becomes A Blog

A diary by definition is a written record consisting of entries that report happenings for the course of a day, week or possibly years. As a child, I had a personal diary in which I recorded my experiences. A small lock and key kept my diary safe from the prying eyes of my younger siblings. Recording my simple life experiences in a diary was not very exciting and I quickly lost interest.

I say “Hooray!” to all those who have kept diaries. As a genealogist, diaries offer a glimpse into your ancestors’ lives. What did they do? What did they think? My curious mind wants to know. I sure wish I were in possession of a diary.

Let me introduce you to a special blog titled “A Hundred Years Ago.” Sheryl Lazerus shares her grandmother’s diary in a blog format. Her daily posts correspond and are written exactly as her Grandmother wrote them.  I don’t know Sheryl but I think she has done a very nice job.

If you are interested, you can read her blog at

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