Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It’s Revolutionary . . . I Hope

The search has begun for my husband’s Revolutionary War ancestors. When the research is complete, I expect four Patriots in my husband maternal line. The surnames that I will be searching for are Cox, Potts, Adams and Cundiff. Ancestry.com has given me the base from which I will start my research. Several S.A.R. and D.A.R. applications are available for viewing on Ancestry.com.

I must connect each generation to the previous one. I plan I gathering birth and death certificates for the most recent generations and then work my way back in time. My research strategy is to begin with what is known and work from there beginning with the Cox/Pott line.

I made a quick Descendant Chart and will work from it to build my case. I believe that William Potts and General James Cox are my husband’s the fourth and fifth great grandparents. Here is the chart.

I am off to the safety deposit box for a copy of my husband's birth certificate. Then I must call his mother and ask for her birth certificate. That is the easy part of the research! Wish me luck with the rest!


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