Monday, May 7, 2012

My Family Has Grown

A few months ago, I wrote about the desire to get a dog. Our home has been so quiet since the death of our Sweet Charlie. 
Sweet Charlie

As we approach the anniversary of his death, we did indeed take the plunge. In fact, our family increased by two apricot poodle puppies. My husband and I have one little pup and our daughter adopted his brother. We are definitely keeping in all in the family.

Brothers Riley and Ollie
Today I watched both puppies and I must say I am quite exhausted.

Puppy training and genealogy don’t mix well. Genealogy has taken a back seat as a curious puppy calls me away from my thoughts. Just for fun . . . here is our puppy genealogy.

 What’s up with my genealogy? I am attending the BIGWILL Seminar, “Courting Your English Ancestors,” on Saturday. The seminar is in Richmond, Illinois. I hope find a few pearls of British wisdom.

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