Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Small Step

I have finally made my first small step in the search for evidence of my husband’s Revolutionary War roots. I believe that his maternal line descends from four Revolutionary War Patriots and my goal is to prove just that.

My search led me to California. Finding California death certificates and newspaper obituaries has stymied me for quite awhile. My motto, “Never say never,” finally paid off by finally cracking the California death record files. California lists death certificates on a database by name, date of death, age of death, county of death etc.

About two months ago after reviewing my choices, I took a “best guess” and ordered two non-certified death certificates. The death certificates just arrived and I discovered I did indeed choose the correct people. I know have my first evidence linking my mother-in-law to a Revolutionary War Patriot, Andrew Beatie (Beatty)!

This will be an interesting journey back in time to Virginia prior toward the Revolutionary War as Andrew Beatie was born in Virginia. Keep you posted!

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