Monday, June 11, 2012

Dooley Talk

Do you have Caller ID? I do for the simple reason that it helps me screen calls. I tend to avoid answering 800 phone numbers and occasionally cellular calls especially this election year for I am not a fan of political robo calls.

For some reason this morning I decided to answer an unknown cellular phone call. I made a good move in answering the call for it was my husband’s uncle. We had been meaning to connect for most of last year and the moment had finally arrived. Uncle Dave Dooley wanted to meet and have a Dooley Talk. He is up in years and wants to learn of his Irish ancestors’ origin now.

Our meeting place was a local Irish Pub for there is not better place to dine and talk Dooley than an Irish Pub. Much to our disappointment, the pub was closed on Mondays. Not a problem, we chose a charming French bistro down the street.

Uncle Dave treated me to lunch and I agreed to organize the Dooley information for him. He wants to hire an Irish genealogist to help him locate his Irish ancestors and living family. Finding his Irish roots is very important to him.

I think this might be my chance to try my hand at the business of genealogy. I plan to treat his request as if he was a client! It will be good practice to see if I can cut my teeth in the professional world of genealogy.

Our plan is set. I will organize Dooley family information. We will then visit the Irish Heritage Center of Chicago. Uncle Dave was active in the organization and in the past he took part in Chicago’s annual St Patrick’s Day Parade. He plans on introducing me to the Irish librarian and get busy searching.

I have finally found my partner in crime. Oops! I mean my partner in Dooley Family history!


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