Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Not So Wordless Wednesday

Wednesdays are sometimes called “Wordless” but that is not the case this particular Wednesday, June 27, 2012. Having been wordless for exactly sixteen days and it is time to change that statistic and get chatty.

Today I dragged my husband and puppy to Mount Carmel Cemetery in search of the Dooley grave site. It was a hot day to wander Mount Carmel Cemetery. Locating the monument proved challenging. With the help of Uncle Steve, Uncle Dave, and a helpful cemetery worker, we were able to locate the Dooley Family headstone.

The gravestone gave important death dates for William and Mary Dooley that should aid my research. We also learned of two new Dooley family members: Celia and James. John and Mildred Dooley, my husband’s great aunt and uncle, offer proof that this gravestone belongs to my husband’s Dooley family.  YEAH!

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