Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another Piece of the Dooley Puzzle

I am returning to the Dooley gravestone which reports that a James Dooley died on 17 September 1914. I located James’ death certificate on Family Search. Fortunately death certificates in 1914 reported much more information that Celia’s 1902 certificate did.

"Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1922," index and images, Family Search, ( : accessed 26 July 2012), James C. Dooley, 1914.

James passed away much too early. He was nine months and twelve days old at his death. James succumbed to gastroenteritis at the Wesley Memorial Hospital. Today the hospital is known as Northwestern Memorial Hospital located in downtown Chicago.

We learn that James was a lifetime resident of Chicago, as were his parents, Joseph and Winifred Dooley. Joseph was the death certificate informant and he resided at 2315 Greenshaw Street, Chicago. A Google search of his address shows that the home no longer exists, but was located in the Taylor Street area of Chicago.

Joseph was interred on 19 September 1914 with his grandparents, William and Mary, and little Celia.

You may have noticed the name Winifred Dooley. Joseph and Winifred Dooley’s youngest daughter was Winifred Mary Dooley. Her descendants gave Uncle Dave Dooley and I the first puzzle piece of the Dooley Family tree. Connections continue to be made.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Progress in the Dooley Research

The Dooley research is beginning to move along. Uncle Dave Dooley’s prodding of relations has yielded our first result. We now know the birth, death and marriage dates of Winifred Mary Dooley’s family.

I am quite sure Uncle Dave Dooley will be pleased with our first piece of the Dooley puzzle. Yet at the same time, he will also be disappointed that we have not received more.  Patience!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tombstone Tuesday

One of my last posts, which seems like ages ago, showed a photo of William and Mary Dooley’s gravestone. William and Mary share their final resting place with other Dooley relatives including Celia, James, John and Mildred. My daughter asked, “Who are Celia and James?”

Celia Dooley was a little girl who passed away 7 December 1902. Her cause of death was determined to be pneumonia. Her passing certainly was a sad day for the family. William Dooley who passed on 10 April 1902 preceded her in death by a mere eight months. 1902 brought sickness, death and sorrow to the Dooleys.

 "Illinois, Cook County Deaths, 1878-1922," index and images, Family Search ( accessed 25 July 2012), Celia Dooley, 1902.

Celia’s death certificate reports important information regarding her passing with the exception of her parentage. After reviewing the family tree and taking Celia’s  birth/death dates into consideration, it seems likely that Celia was the daughter of William Dooley or one of his brothers, Stephen or David F.

The 1910 census reports that Stephen and wife, Sarah, had two children and only one living child whose name is recorded as Sadie.

Brother David F. and his wife, Elizabeth, had two children. None of their children had survived according to the 1910 census.

Both brothers and their spouses were of childbearing age and it appears likely that Celia may have been a child to one of the Dooley Brothers.

It may also be possible that Celia was a child of William and Mary Dooley; however, William and Mary’s descendants don’t recall a child named Celia. They are a tight-knit family and certain of their history.

At this point, Celia’s parentage cannot be determined. I will keep my eyes open and ask questions as I meet more of the Dooley clan. 

Looking forward to consistently posting once again.


Friday, July 13, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my Angel Mother’s Birthday. I must say I miss her more than ever. I find myself wishing for her wisdom; which is something I rarely did in my younger years. It would be nice to have her shoulder to lean on rather than being the shoulder that others lean on.

Please enjoy this small video remembering my mother’s eightieth birthday celebration for it was her last healthy birthday.

Earlier this summer I had submitted an essay to Lynn Palermo’s “The Moment You Knew,” writing challenge. Lynn Palermo is the author of The Armchair Genealogist. I enjoy reading Lynn’s blog as she focuses on writing family stories. You may find The Armchair Genealogist AND my essay at:

Lynn selected my submission to be published today, July 12, 2012.  This date just so happens to be my Mother’s birthday. I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Lynn for her kindness.  

As always this post is written with gratitude.