Wednesday, August 15, 2012

DNA Testing Opportunities

In my efforts to reach out to Dooley ancestors and descendants, I have begun studying various DNA testing opportunities. 

I first reached out to my cousin, Elaine Dollen Clark. We collaborate in our search for our shared Dollen ancestors. was and continues to  offer DNA testing to its subscribers for a fee of $99.

In order to conduct DNA testing relating to the Dollen surname, we needed to find a willing male Dollen test subject. Elaine had just the brother and he agreed to take DNA test. The results came back today and gave leads into both the paternal and maternal lines. We expected results for the Dollen (paternal) surname and were very surprised to learn about their Flynn maternal ancestors. Elaine received the data today and is in the process of sharing the information with me.

The results arrived on exactly the same day I considered using DNA testing for the Dooley family. I was reviewing two other genetic testing companies: 23andme and Family Tree DNA.

23andMe was the preferred DNA testing company for television program, “Finding Your Roots,” with Henry Louis Gates Jr. It offers chromosome painting. Autosomes are colored for different ethnic groups:  European (Blue), African (Green) and Native American (Orange).

23and Me has over 150,000 members. As a member, we can learn about the Dooley ancestry composition, genetic relatives, lineages and ours Neanderthal percentage!
The subscription free cost runs $299.

Family Tree DNA offers a variety of testing options. Keeping Uncle Dave’s wish to meet his Irish relatives in mind, I began looking at the Y-DNA testing.  This is for “men only” opportunity provides information going back either 8 or 6 generations and has a Family Finder feature helps connect possible relatives. What really caught my eye was the Surname Project. There is a Dooley Surname Group that is eighty-eight members strong.

I will take a good long look at the Dollen results, before making my decision.

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