Monday, September 24, 2012

A New Resource: Sexton Records

An Irish accent is a beautiful thing. Seeing the beautiful landscapes in Ireland’s 2013 Gathering commercials makes me realize that Ireland is a grand place and their tourism campaign makes me yearn to see the Emerald Isle.

Before any such trip, I need to complete my Dooley research. My newest discovery is a resource unknown to me previously. This new resource is Sexton Records.

A sexton is a person/persons in charge of a cemetery. This caretaker keeps records of those buried in the cemetery.  Among other duties, the sexton mows, weeds and trims shrubs. The sexton digs the graves, opens and closes the cemetery gates. The sexton’s “To Do” list is a long one.

Keeping records is what catches my eye.  The Sexton Records of Calvary Cemetery might yield some unknown Dooley information. I have requested such information through the Chicago Archdiocese Archives. It should take about four to six weeks for the results. Now I play the waiting game.

While I am waiting, I just may request Sexton Records for other ancestors on other trees in other cemeteries. I am curious to see what the records may hold.

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