Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lot S26, Block 45, Section S

The above location marks the final resting place of William and Ellen Dooley. This couple is the patriarch and matriarch of the large Dooley Clan of Chicago, Illinois and beyond.

Having studied this couple’s three census records (1870, 1880 and 1900) and their death certificates for months, I wondered could William and Ellen be “THE IRISH IMMIGRANTS?” Dare I go out on the limb and declare them so?

Today’s research took me to Calvary Cemetery situated along the shore of Lake Michigan. Established in 1859, Calvary Cemetery is the final resting place for many Dooley ancestors. You may visit William Dooley, Ellen Dooley, Elizabeth Dooley, David Dooley and Stephen C. Dooley at Lot S26, Block 45, Section S.The gravestone reports the death dates of William, Ellen, Elizabeth and David that match their respective death certificates. Stephen C. Dooley was interred in the same location but without a headstone. I neglected to look for Stephen’s wife, Anna; which means another trip on another day.

While I have yet to locate the immigration records for William and Ellen, I believe I can say with a degree of certainty that William and Ellen Dooley were this family’s “Irish Immigrants.” William and Ellen do indeed belong to this Dooley Clan of Chicago and beyond. They rest in eternity along side two of their sons, David and Stephen, whose lives are chronicled even today by living descendants.

Please review the census. I cannot post death records as Family Search licenses them, but census and death records combined with the family plot in Calvary Cemetery make the familial connection.

William’s death certificate reports his birthplace as Ireland. He passed away 12 May 1900 at the age of 71. The certificate also reports the number of years lived in Illinois to be 30, however, that number is difficult to read and is my best guess.

Ellen Dooley’s death certificate reports her birthplace as Ireland as well. She passed away 29 Oct 1905 at the age of 62, Her death certificate clearly states that she lived in Illinois 54 years; which means she immigrated at the young age of eight years.

Now to find the immigration records. I am getting close to “jumping the pond” and searching for William and Ellen’s Irish origins.

As you will see in 1870, William and Ellen had a son, Mike. Sadly, little Mike did not make it to the 1880 census. In reviewing Dooley interments of Calvary Cemetery, I was not able to locate a Michael Dooley whose dates fit for this little boy.

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