Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Genealogical Proof Standard

I have been trying to write a research report explaining what I have learned about the Dooley Family. Each time I begin, I see holes in my research and am not satisfied.

This caused me to pause and review the Genealogical Proof Standard. When your work meets the GPS, your evidence will meet the following criteria.

·      “The research was systematic and exhaustive.”
·      “The evidence is reliable and correctly interpreted.”
·      “Any contradictory evidence is soundly rebutted.”
·      “Each statement of fact is scrupulously documented.”
·      “Every deduction is clearly reasoned and persuasively explained.”[1]

Not only do I need to convince myself of my findings, but also need to convince my reader meaning Uncle Dave Dooley. I appreciate thoroughness and I know that he would too.

Research questions are key to solving my problems and help me conduct systematic and exhaustive research that will hold up to critique.

·      When and where did William Dooley and Ellen Hart enter the country?
·      Is Ellen’s maiden name really Hart?
·      Where were William and Ellen Dooley married?
·      What Catholic parish were William and Ellen Dooley buried through?
·      Are there any guardianship records for the orphans of William and Mary Dooley?

I am always open to advice!


[1] Mills, Elizabeth Shown, “Evidence Analysis,” Professional Genealogy, Elizabeth Shown Mills (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 2001), 329-330.

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