Sunday, December 2, 2012

Advent Calendar of Christmas Memories: Holiday Foods

Christmas Cookies and Holiday Hearts,
That’s The Way the Holiday Starts!

My children sang this song in their Holiday programs at school and it has remained stuck in my mind ever since. Christmas cookie baking was an annual event in our home that ultimately led to sugar and flour scattered throughout the kitchen. This Christmas ritual repeats itself through the generations and is the one holiday food constant.

Mom was particularly good with the cookie press. She loved to bake peanut butter Scottie dogs, wreaths, trees and ribbons. My husband’s Aunt Flo had a talent for making butter rounds decorated with sprinkles. They were delicate and baked to perfection.

It takes a talent to bake cookies to perfection. My skills are far from perfect for a variety of reasons; lack of patience being one reason. That cookie press that Mom and Auntie Flo mastered with such skill is a source of frustration for me. Each year my husband must come to the rescue and magically press those cookies on my behalf!

The Dreaded Cookie Press: Will I ever master this beast?

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