Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Sweetheart of a God Mother

Last Saturday, my local genealogy society held it’s first meeting of 2013. The weather was cooperative and we had nice attendance. Jennifer Holik presented a program entitled, “Soldier Dead.” Her focus was on soldiers who died while in military service. The program was well received with a collaborative discussion following for every family has World War I and II heroes. She motivated me to write my “Soldier Dead” story.

My Uncle Dick served in the Navy during the Korean War. He enlisted following his high school graduation. He served aboard the U.S.S. Washburn until an unfortunate accident took his life at the tender age of nineteen and prevented me from ever knowing my uncle.

Fresh eyes are just what I needed. A second look at his high school yearbook provided me with his baseball teammates names. An Internet search helped me locate a teammate on his baseball team. I have sent this gentleman a letter inquiring about my Uncle Dick with the hope that he will remember my uncle and respond.

My Uncle Dick had a high school sweet heart. I was born shortly after my uncle’s tragic death and his high school sweetheart became my God Mother. I don’t remember that God Mother of mine. Who was she?

It was time for creative thinking and my baby book held the clue. With genealogical research and a little luck I located my God Mother! This Friday afternoon, I will get an opportunity to speak to my Uncle Dick’s sweetheart also known as my God Mother. Can't wait!

Things happen when you look at something with fresh eyes.



  1. It is amazing what fresh eyes will do. I have spent days on something and give up and walk away, then picked it up later and found what I was looking for immediately. I'm glad you found your Godmother.