Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ancestral Waiting Rooms

I wonder if this happens to everyone.  When working on a family tree, I eventually reach a point where I have exhausted all search opportunities. That tree is then set-aside for the time being allowing me to revisit another family trees.

The Dooley family has had quite a lengthy run of research and has been placed in that waiting area of family trees . . .  the ancestral waiting room. Resting until a new lead pops up.

Several new research opportunities have arisen in the Dollen Family Tree. As a result, the Dollens are moving out of that ancestral waiting room.

I recently made contact with a Dollen descendant across "The Pond." She and I descend from John Dollen and Ann House of Curry Mallet, Somerset, England. I long to visit Curry Mallet and the shire of Somerset. For the time being, I must live vicariously through the television series, Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey transports me to Somerset, England and leaves me wondering why my John Dollen left such a beautiful country. He did not live in a grand castle but rather on Lower Street. I am satisfied for now yet long to visit Lower Street in Curry Mallet home to my British origin.

My newfound, distant cousin tells me that the Dollens were “Good Country People.”
John Dollen and Emma Paul were children of John and Ann Dollen and born in 1830 and 1836 respectively.  I am pleased to introduce you to brother and sister, John Dollen and Emma Paul nee Dollen.

Ladies first! Emma Paul nee Dollen & John Paul (husband)
John Dollen, son of John Dollen and Ann House.

Thank you to Sharon Mitchell, owner of the Emma and John Paul photo.


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