Thursday, April 25, 2013

Are You A Twattler?

I am definitely not a twattler! However, me thinks I am a hugger-mugger!

The Great State of Washington rocked my vocabulary yesterday when Governor Jay Inslee signed a piece of legislation into law calling for gender-neutral vocabulary. While news to me, it has been in the works for six long years. Beginning today. . .

A fisherman will now be called a fisher.
A freshman is now a first-year student.
And penmanship becomes handwriting.

Not to fear, manhole will remain as manhole for there seems to be no other term to describe a manhole. As genealogists, we come across words that are no longer used. I must admit that I am a bit distressed to watch my vocabulary become archaic!

Here are a few examples of archaic terms:

Baseborn - Born out of wedlock
Foresooth - In truth
Gadzooks - A mild oath
Hugger-mugger - To be in a state of confusion often trying to conceal the confusion
Me thinks - I think
Swink - To toil or work
Twattling – To Gossip   
Yeoman - A farmer/freeholder who tills his own land and ranks below a gentleman

Yes, I am hugger-mugger with the exception of my not trying to conceal my confusion. How about you?

Have a great day!


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