Friday, May 31, 2013


I have been searching records for the village of Curry Mallet, England and the surrounding area. I placed a large microfilm order for parish records of the area. They finally arrived and off I went to my local FHL.

I was unprepared for how tiny the handwriting was on the microfilm. I requested a magnifying glass, however, my eyes just could not focus on the print. I left that night with a pounding headache.

I decided to visit again, but at a different time. The daytime clerk was most helpful when I explained my dilemma. The original records must have been on a large printed page and needed to be significantly reduced to fit onto microfilm. She happily directed me to a microfilm viewer that had a magnifying lens built into the machine. Hallelujah! My problem was solved!

I didn’t realize that microfilm viewers come with different magnifications and am wondering if others know this. I hope this little post helps someone else read microfilm more easily!


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