Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day 2013

When my Mother was alive, I was not a big cemetery visitor and she held very little hope of me visiting her gravesite let alone decorating it. I think she would be pleasantly surprised to discover her first-born child to be a regular visitor.

Last Mother’s Day I planted a bleeding heart by her grave. In our geographic area, the bleeding heart blooms in May just in time for Mother’s Day. Small, perfect hearts adorn the perennial making it a perfect plant to remember mothers; at least in my humble opinion. With a little hope and a little rain, my plan was for bleeding hearts to decorate Mom’s grave each Mother’s Day.

It was a good, well thought out plan until the cemetery landscape crew weed whacked my bleeding heart in its first year of life. Shame on them! Today, I found my bleeding heart a mere three inches tall and struggling to survive. 

I will wait and see if my little plant survives. But not to worry, the good news is that maternal love survives generations.  

My Mom taught me about motherhood.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!



  1. How sweet and thoughtful an idea your bleeding heart plant was. I think the struggle this little plant has entailed, shows the true spirit of families and the will to survive all obstacles. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Carol, thanks for your ever thoughtful comments.