Thursday, May 2, 2013

Those Places Thursday – Romano’s Pizzeria of Des Plaines, Illinois

Romano’s was the Italian restaurant of my youth. We lived just three blocks away, mostly carried out and occasionally dined in. As Mom and Dad aged, Romano’s became our family meeting place. Romano’s had the best thin crust pizza with Dad’s favorite being pepperoni with green olives! 

Romano’s fell upon hard times and suddenly our family restaurant was suddenly closing. The residents, past and present, were devastated!

The threat of closing did wonders for business. People flocked for one last chance to enjoy a Romano’s pizza. Of course, I went for pizza and the opportunity to sit amongst the fake glittering trees of my childhood! My brother, his wife and Nancy, my best friend since first grade joined in the fun.

It was a busy week for the Romano family. Business was brisk and suddenly there was a turn of events. Romano’s was not closing just yet!!! Eventually the restaurant closed only to reopen in a new location at 9785 W. Higgins, Rosemont, Illinois.

I hope you enjoy my walk down memory lane. 
I know I am! 

Photographs of celebrities dining at the restaurant lined the hallway.

Romano's fans dining under the glittering trees of our childhoods!


Looks like someone couldn’t wait for a piece of that pepperoni and green olive pizza!

Of course, there was the fake door in the parking lot.

The Romano Family served Des Plaines residents for fifty-six years.
Thanks for the memories!



  1. Pepperoni and green olive pizza!?! My favorite!!! Your dad and I would have gotten along very well!

  2. What a great memory! It's so interesting how food/restaurants play such a big role in our memories.

  3. I was just thinking about Romanos on Saturday! Couldn't figure out why I always ha d pizza on my mind every time I walked into the little corner store in my hubby's home town of Baton Rouge. Finally realized it's called Romeros which made me think Romanos!