Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wordless Wednesday Revisited on Thursday

George, Kathryn and Bob

I love this photograph of my uncles and their cousin. I love it and I am jealous for this is how I would like to live life. Uncle George, Uncle Bob and Cousin Kathryn are completely at ease with each other. Heads gently touch and arms are comfortably draped around each other drawing them close together. Their smiles are genuine and warm my heart.

George was the oldest born in 1916. Bob was born in 1920 and Kathryn was the youngest born in 1923.  Life wasn’t always easy for the family. Challenges of the Depression didn’t dim their spirit. So much trouble yet George, Bob and Kathryn had so much to look forward to. Are they aware of the looming conflict of World War II? I don’t know. These three appear to be living in the moment.


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