Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Brick Wall

Now here is a brick wall for you! No one got by the imposing walls of Komainham Gaol in Dublin, Ireland. The notorious 19th century prison played an important role in Irish history. Leaders of Irish rebellions were imprisoned and some executed here at the sight of the cross. Komainham Gaol Prison Museum opened my eyes to the Irish struggle for freedom.

The walls of Komainham Gaol that held in the poor Irish people captive, remind me of my genealogy brick walls. Secrets of my New England ancestors seem to be locked in formidable brick walls such the walls of this prison.

Friday I volunteered in my library’s genealogy room and met a gentleman searching for information about his illusive grandfather. A grandfather who left the family appears in records with a variety of names. As an outsider his research path seemed clear to me, but for him his brick wall was as high as the walls of Komainham Gaol.

Needless to say, I was intrigued by his research and motivated me to revisit my brick wall. I spend Saturday, rehashing my 4th great grandfather, Silas W. Cobb and his wife, Sarah Hawks of Moretown and Montpelier, Vermont. Was there something I missed?

Theories abound, but yet not one real piece of evidence has materialized to break through or even crack this brick wall of mine. Who were their parents? This question burns in me because this line is my link to the American Revolution!

So for now my brick wall remains intact. 

Please, just get me out of here!

Prison Cell in Komainham Gaol.
Happy Hunting!


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