Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Old Fashioned Winter Memory

This winter has tested my midwestern hardiness. Frigid temperatures drive us inside. Cars are breaking down. Schools are closing and weathermen warn us to stay home. This winter makes me think about a story my Grandmother told once me.

Grandma was raised on a farm not far from O’Hare Airport long before the airport existed. Horse and wagon were their mode of transportation in those days and Grandma remembered how valuable their horses were. On those very cold winter days, such as we have been having of late, the horses would remain in the barn and the family would walk to church. There was no sense in risking their horses’ health even for church.

Stay warm!


Monday, February 3, 2014

Good Day

Blog posts are suffering due to a slowdown of mind. Just began Lynn Palermo’s Family Writing Challenge with the hope of jumpstarting my writing. Battery is on low, but look forward to a new writing surge . . .  new skills . . .  new ideas . . .

I must write daily for without the daily habit nothing gets written!