Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Connecting and Collaberating Through Ancestry is a Beautiful Thing

You bet, I shared the photograph of Paul Max Walter Radde and Frieda Radde nee Hanke. 

I also shared my Grandmother's Tale.

Long ago and far away in a time when Adolph HItler and his Nazi's ruled Germany with an iron fist, there was a little girl and her family. This little girl had a disability of some type and was taken away by the Nazis. The family never saw her again.

Had she heard the same story?
No, she told me Ursula had polio and was in the hospital when it was bombed.
It was a terribly sad time for the family.

For now, this is where my research and Grandma's tale ends. 
My next research question: How is Frieda connected to my Hanke ancestors?

Until my next discovery,


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