Monday, April 20, 2015

From the Heart 1

Here is a repost from 12 January 2012. Love my grandmothers!
From the Heart,

Grandmotherly Love

Yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday post was a family photograph. I chuckle when I see this photograph because it speaks volumes about my grandmothers.

The subject of the photograph is my maternal grandmother, Henrietta Evelina Danker Dollen Haskins. As you can see, my grandmother loved to have a good time! She was a flapper. She was engaged twice prior to marrying at the age of seventeen.

So, there she is, my mischievous, maternal grandmother with streamers around her neck and party poppers inserted in her nostrils and ears! It must be New Year’s Eve as she is raising a glass in a toasting gesture. Grandma Haskins is thoroughly enjoying her moment. She is the life of the party!

Let your eyes wander to the back of the photograph and you will see my paternal grandmother, Olga Bertha Louise Schumann Meyer. This grandmother is cradling my brother, Jeff, in her arms.  Jeff is about six months of age. Grandma Meyer is completely in love with the little boy in her arms and thoroughly enjoying her moment.

Those grandmothers of mine are radically different people! They are both beautiful, loving women who lived life in the own unique style.  Watching each of my grandmothers in action makes me treasure this photograph.

The boy with the patch on his eye is my brother, Dick. He had lazy eye and needed to wear the patch to correct his vision. His left arm did not get into the picture. If it did, you would have seen his arm in a cast.
That is me on the left. I am that half a girl watching my silly grandmother!

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