Wednesday, April 22, 2015

From the Heart 2

Vanderbilt Beach in Naples, Florida did not yield any genealogical finds this year. Here is a heartfelt repost of a from 27 April 2012.

Under the Beach Umbrella

 Captiva Island’s beach umbrella yielded yet another genealogical surprise! My smart phone did make more than one appearance on the beach. Tucked safely away in my beach bag, I heard that familiar tone . . . I had a message. This message came from my cousin, Sharon, reporting that she had found a family photograph and was sharing her discovery.

My family tree research leans toward my maternal side due to the simple fact, I knew very little about my mother’s side of the family. I remember finding her paternal grandmother, Anna Mae Dollen nee Paul, and wondering would I ever know what she looked like.  I also wondered about Mom’s paternal great grandmother, Emma Dollen nee Strong. What did she look like?  As luck would have it, I was able to locate photographs of both ladies and now I know their appearance.

On 12 June 1849 Emma Dollen nee Strong came to the United States with her widowed mother, Elizabeth, and two sisters: Fanny and Sarah Caroline Strong. The family settled in the Finger Lake regions of New York. I often wondered if I would ever get to see what Fanny or Sarah Caroline looked like. I thought my chances were slim to none until I phone beeped. There was Sarah Caroline’s photograph attached to Cousin Sharon’s email.  

Right before my eyes where John Dalton (husband to Sarah Caroline), Caroline Dalton and son, Henry Dalton. It takes my breath away each time I find one more piece of the puzzle especially when the prize comes through the generosity of others.

I am always in awe of Sharon for her Grandmother and Aunt had such vision to preserve the familial treasures for future generations. Sharon gladly shares the treasures she is blessed with and I am a lucky recipient. Building a family tree is truly a collaborative effort.

With Gratitude to my Cousin Sharon Small Mitchell, Eva Small and Evalyn Small Mikes.


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