Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Genealogy Gophers

I recently found a new website thanks to Dick Eastman, Family Tree Magazine and North Suburban Genealogical Society. It is amazing how the word gets around. Plug in your search parameters and let the site go to work. Here is the link:

I entered my brick wall ancestor, Silas W. Cobb, and found a new publication, Colonial Families of America volume 17. I have been in search of Silas W.'s parentage for about five years. Colonial Families of America reports him to be the son of Captain Silas Cobb of Norton, Massachusetts.

The Tan Book for Norton, Massachusetts does not list Silas W. Cobb as a child of Captain Silas Cobb and Deliverance Hodges. They did have a son, Silas, whose birth and death dates differ from my Silas. Colonial Families of America tells me that the evidence was in possession of the family who are now deceased.

Nothing is ever easy when it comes to my 4th great grandfather.

Something to ponder....


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