Thursday, April 9, 2015

Grandmother's Tale Continues

It has been decades since my Grandmother told me the tale of her relatives in Germany.
Yet I remember the story of this little German girl disappearing as if it was yesterday. 

While perusing through Grandma's photographs, I stumbled upon this photo....

So, what do I know about these two people?

1.  The woman is Mrs. Frieda Radde of Stolp. Her maiden name was most likely Hanke.
2.  The gentleman was probably her husband, Mr. Radde of Stolp.
3.  Stolp was located in Pomerania.
4.  Schlawester, 97 may have been an address.
5.  Gutenberg - 15 Richard Wagner Str. was an address. 
6.  The couple lived in "The Russian Zone." I believe this means that Herr und Frau Radde 
     lived in the section of Germany given to Stalin at the end of WWII.
7.  Frieda shares the same maiden name as my Great Grandmother, Albertina Hanke.

Who was Frieda Radde (Hanke)? 

I can tell you with certainty that Frieda was related to my Grandmother. While I cannot yet determine her exact kinship, I can say she is related somehow. She bears a resemblance Grandmother's sister, Anna Walters nee Schumann. 

Anna Walters nee Schumann

More to follow...


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