Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Hometown Wonders

My husband caught a bit of the nostalgic bug the other day. He discovered a Chicago Tribune photo gallery of his beloved hometown of Northbrook, Illinois. I have never met a family who absolutely loved their hometown as my in-laws do.

It must have been a magical place. Northbrook (originally Shermerville) was a small town back in the 1950s. Here is a link to the website should you wish to see what Northbrook/Shermerville was all about.

Chicago Tribune Photo Gallery: A history of Northbrook

Seeing his great uncle in the volunteer fire department brought a smile to my husband's face. Memories spilled out as he walked back in time.

Then there was a terrible train accident in downtown. HIs best buddy's mother was killed when her car was caught on the train tracks. The whole town rallied around the unfortunate family.

Don't miss the photograph of the whole town welcoming Anne Henning and Diane Holum as they arrive home from the Winter Olympics in 1972. Northbrook was a mecca for speed skaters back then.

Looks to me that Northbrook was indeed a special place. Perhaps there is a photo gallery somewhere on the internet for your hometown???



  1. I'm still partial to Glenview! Coming home soon!

  2. I know you are almost home! Looking forward to your arrival.