Monday, April 13, 2015

Is It Possible??? was my first stop in the search for Frieda Radde. I searched Frieda Radde and Frieda Hanke. In both attempts I found possibilities, but nothing jumped out at me.

In my next attempt, I searched for the name Radde with a spouse named Frieda Hanke. It appeared I had found that unwanted "negative information." I clicked through the different categories and finally clicked on link to Family Trees. It was then I got my first clue.

There was an family tree in which a Paul Max Walter Radde was married to a Frieda Hanke. This unsourced tree reported three children complete with photographs.

1.  One male child reported as "private" meaning living.
2.  Johannes Hanschen Radde, b. about 1922, d. about 1944 on the Russian front
3.  Ursula Radde, b. about 1926 in Kreis Stolp, Pommern, Germany, d. 1940-42 in Stettin, Germany. Ursula was reported to have had polio.

Is it possible? Could Ursula Radde be the little disabled girl from my Grandmother's tale (April 4th post)? She had a handicap and was from Stolp and Stettin the home of my German ancestors. The connection was possible but not yet proven.

I made contact with the tree's owner. I had a photograph that I wished to share with her. I explained the photo and the writing on its back. After the review of the photograph she concluded that, yes indeed, the Frieda in my photograph matched the Frieda in her tree. 

You see following World War II, the tree owner's grandmother sent shoes to Frieda Radde at the address (15 Richard Wagner Strasse) on the back of my photo. How lucky that her grandmother kept record of Frieda's address! My grandmother also sent clothes to her German relatives but sadly did not keep a record of whom she shipped clothing to. Thank goodness for the information on the back of the photo!

How does Frieda's connect to my Hanke ancestors? Only time will tell.


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