Sunday, October 25, 2015

Keep on Looking!

My book, Dick Dollen: The Memoir of An Unknown Uncle,  has been sent to the printer and I expect to receive the published books within the next few weeks. I am looking forward to seeing the finished product; the fruit of my labors.

This sleepy Sunday morning began with a cup of coffee and a little computer fun. I quickly went to the Chicago Tribunes archive website and began entering ancestors names. I entered Dick Dollen.

Just when I thought I had found EVERYTHING about my uncle something new popped up and I ask myself, "Why didn't I visit the Tribune archives earlier?" Simply because I didn't know about the Chicago Tribune's free website.

This newest find blew my mind for two big reasons.
1. I just learned something new about my unknown uncle.
2. My book about him is at the printers. There is nothing more I can add to Dick's story.

It appears Dick was going to college! I never knew that bit of Dollen trivia. I sure wish Dick had followed "The Plan." What made Dick change his mind? I suspect Dick's sudden change of heart was due to the death of his father who died seven days after this article appeared in the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Tribune Archives,
27 April 1950

Just goes to show you, genealogy research is never finished!


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