Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Laying the Organizational Groundwork

There are times when I open up ancestry.com just to see what is going one. It is a curious mind type of look: Nothing serious just poking around research fun.

Then there are days that I research with something specific in mind. I ask a question and try to find the answer. That is productive research as it keeps me focused.

Focus is what keeps me on task. I must admit, once again, that I am a sucker for the Bright Shiny Objects. It is the goal that holds my focus. I try to  ignore the BSOs,

Thomas MacEntee offered up a spreadsheet to record those BSOs that need exploring at a later date. I chose not to reinvent the wheel and will use his spreadsheet as an organizational aide. I presently record the BSOs on tiny pieces of paper or on the back of the nearest envelope. They get put into a pile. The pile keeps on growing as does my disorganization.

Now where did I put that piece of paper?

Have a Happy Day!


Monday, January 4, 2016

January 2016 Go-Over Organizational Plans

I have decided to participate in the Go-Over rather than the Do-Over as I would like to develop a solid plan for organizing my data.

Just three days ago, I proclaimed that I was a fairly good researcher and that I needed help with tracking research and source citation. True. Still true. However, I also stated that I was certain other faults were waiting to be discovered and discovered they were. The Do-Over Workbook has been helpful in my journey of self discovery.

As of 4 January 2016 this is what I must do to become better organized…

      Find a quiet place to work and dedicate a segment of the day solely to genealogy. This time will be morning to mid-day. I PROMISE NOT TO RESEARCH IN THE HOURS BETWEEN 10 P.M. AND MIDNIGHT.    

      I will organize myself prior to researching by setting a research goal and planning my research. I will create research logs and to do lists. I will organize my computer files.

     “Bright Shiny Objects” will not distract me. Those BSOs are deadly! For eight years I have been diagnosing myself with Attention Deficit Disorder. The longer I have been at genealogy the more difficult it has been for me to stay on task. I have switched from one ancestor to the next. One tree to the next. I blamed it on ADD and have come to realize that I have been afflicted with The Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. 

Better get to work.


Saturday, January 2, 2016

The "P" Word

I need to get the P Word out of my life and I am not talking about the word, "Please." I am talking about "Procrastination!" How else can I get the workplace in my mind organized?

Getting to the Task!


Think Genealogy

The new year has begun and already we are on day 2. I shudder to think how quickly this year will fly by! Winter here in Chicagoland can be a long, torturous event and the perfect time to renew my genealogical research efforts. Despite the predication of an El Nino winter, we already have experienced ice storms and snow storms. Time to cuddle up to my computer and think genealogy.

I like Thomas MacEntee. He is a great guy who has a great genealogy philosophy of sharing. The first and only time I heard him lecture he spoke of sharing the love, the love of genealogy. I began blogging shortly thereafter.

Thomas has been "sharing the love" with his Genealogy Do-Over program. He has structured this Do-Over through the course of a year allowing for researchers to grow at their own rate in their own time frame. He is also offering up a Genealogy Go-Over for those who can't bear to start over from the beginning.

Though I consider myself a fairly good researcher, I do have one major fault that I know of. Though I am certain more are just waiting to surface. My known fault lies in tracking my research and source citation. I worked on source citation in 2015 and have made strides, but still need to improve my research discipline.

Did I tell you that Discipline is my key word for 2016? Rather than making a resolution, I chose a word; like a sound bite. I may be on to something with this discipline idea!

Participating in the Genealogy Do-Over or Go-Over (I haven't decided on my path) is perfect. I have packed up and moved twice in two years. My records have been boxed, unboxed and boxed up again. My treasured boxes of genealogy material are currently stored at my brother's home patiently waiting to be retrieved. They need to come home.

Thomas MacEntee asks us to create our workspace. Get organized. I do need to find my workspace in our newest residence. I lost my workspace two years ago and haven't really found "my place" due to all the moving around. I am eager to find my spot. So is my husband. I think we may have to arm wrestle for spots! My first Do-Over task has been determined. I will set up my workspace today!

Please join in the fun. You can learn more about The Genealogy Do-Over at Thomas MacEntee's website:  Geneabloggers.com

Happy New Year!