Monday, January 4, 2016

January 2016 Go-Over Organizational Plans

I have decided to participate in the Go-Over rather than the Do-Over as I would like to develop a solid plan for organizing my data.

Just three days ago, I proclaimed that I was a fairly good researcher and that I needed help with tracking research and source citation. True. Still true. However, I also stated that I was certain other faults were waiting to be discovered and discovered they were. The Do-Over Workbook has been helpful in my journey of self discovery.

As of 4 January 2016 this is what I must do to become better organized…

      Find a quiet place to work and dedicate a segment of the day solely to genealogy. This time will be morning to mid-day. I PROMISE NOT TO RESEARCH IN THE HOURS BETWEEN 10 P.M. AND MIDNIGHT.    

      I will organize myself prior to researching by setting a research goal and planning my research. I will create research logs and to do lists. I will organize my computer files.

     “Bright Shiny Objects” will not distract me. Those BSOs are deadly! For eight years I have been diagnosing myself with Attention Deficit Disorder. The longer I have been at genealogy the more difficult it has been for me to stay on task. I have switched from one ancestor to the next. One tree to the next. I blamed it on ADD and have come to realize that I have been afflicted with The Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. 

Better get to work.


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