Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Laying the Organizational Groundwork

There are times when I open up ancestry.com just to see what is going one. It is a curious mind type of look: Nothing serious just poking around research fun.

Then there are days that I research with something specific in mind. I ask a question and try to find the answer. That is productive research as it keeps me focused.

Focus is what keeps me on task. I must admit, once again, that I am a sucker for the Bright Shiny Objects. It is the goal that holds my focus. I try to  ignore the BSOs,

Thomas MacEntee offered up a spreadsheet to record those BSOs that need exploring at a later date. I chose not to reinvent the wheel and will use his spreadsheet as an organizational aide. I presently record the BSOs on tiny pieces of paper or on the back of the nearest envelope. They get put into a pile. The pile keeps on growing as does my disorganization.

Now where did I put that piece of paper?

Have a Happy Day!


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