Thursday, March 17, 2016

Those Thursday Places

Riverview School

Riverview School was located in Village of Riverview, Cook County, Illinois. The photograph was taken in 1915 and was the school that my grandmother, Henrietta Danker, attended. Her teacher was Miss Zeuch whom I suspect to be a relative. I have a collection of one-hundred year old letters that Henrietta wrote to her Aunt Emma and Uncle Oscar Solum and are presently the subject of my Monday posts. 

The school opened as a two-room frame building in 1893. At that time, the Village of Riverview was an industrial town with many factories. I know there were also many farm families including my Danker ancestors. Fires consumed many of the factories and as a result Riverview lost its industrial base.

In 1925 the town of Des Plaines annexed sleepy Riverview. Riverview School was replaced in 1938 with a brick structure and in 1945 Riverview School became South School. Two generations of my family attended Riverview: Henrietta Danker and my father are Riverview School scholars! 

Dad is wearing the striped socks in the first row.
Grandma marked him with blue pen.
She also marked his cousin whose name escapes me.


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